Take Your Creative Potential to New Heights with Sponsorship Campaigns

Pick and choose new ways to work with brands

Innovative Ways to Collaborate with Brands Directly

Innovative Ways to Collaborate with Brands Directly

High Rewards

LinkPrefer offers multiple types of reward options including bonuses, products, and gift cards so you can create campaigns that align with your goals.

New Ways to Partner Up

We introduce an innovative sponsorship campaign model that provides multi-brand, multi-platform solutions that lets you earn profit in different way.

International Brands

Creators can establish long-term and stable partnerships with world-renowned brands and open up fresh opportunities to collaborate.

Smooth Integration

We deliver a seamless interface where diversified campaigns are integrated, and where you get an interactive experience that allows you to apply for brand sponsorships with one click.

How Sponsorship Works


Discover Collaboration

Find and join sponsorships that match your audience.


Create and

Promote preferred brands by sharing original content on blogs and social platforms.



Reach goals with completed purchases or app installs


Promotional Earnings

Hit your targets and get paid for your results



When I used LinkPrefer for the first time, I was attracted by such a convenient operation mode. I can actively choose the brand I want and the method by which to promote with. I can publish without waiting for the brand side to search. Being able to take the initiative makes brand partnerships more convenient.



I found LinkPrefer to be a trustworthy partner. With the support of an expert development manager, I quickly closed a new partnership through Sponsorship, which accurately matched my best promotion model and multiple brands. It’s hard not to recommend LinkPrefer to full-time content creators like me!ns!



In the days since I joined LinkPrefer, I boosted my earning power significantly, and the flexible operation of various brands and publishing platforms not only saved me cost and time but increased my income more quickly, too!



The brands I like provide a variety of cooperation models on LinkPrefer, which is quite a good choice for me. It helps me reduce the time and pressure of finding the right brands. It is a good experience, and I can’t wait to do more collaborations!

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